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Write Like A Scholar: A Call to Practitioners

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Dr. Venus Evans-Winters, scholar-activist, therapist, and author, keynote address at a Midwestern university.

Yup, that's me, Dr. V, discussing racial trauma at a Midwestern university for Black History Month (#365)!!! “When will I find the time to write?” “I do not know what to write.” “I have a story in me, but I’m just not a good writer.” “I know my friends and family will not take me serious as an author.” If you've read this far, be honest, you've imagined yourself as a writer or even a published author. You simply have not found the time, motivation, or courage to write your truths. I am looking for social workers, psychologists, K-12 educators, and other helping professionals of color. Yes, you!! You, like many people, hold myths in your head about who is a writer and who should be an author. My goal is to teach everyday people, especially practitioners of color, how to "write like a scholar" so you can write for presentation or publication; and live your dream of educating, inspiring, healing or liberating yourself or others. Or, are you interested in writing for professional impact or to acquire that dream job? Whatever your reason for having the urge of "becoming" (shouts out to Michelle Obama!!) a dedicated writer or published a scholar, author, speaker, and therapist, I want to teach busy or unmotivated professionals how to “think and act” like a writer with a purpose!!! So, here's my invitation: If you've been wanting to #WriteLikeAScholar for presentation or publication, but been holding back due to fear or not knowing how to get started, contact a sistah to learn about my writing course that opens in May: 💖💜❣ Peace, Dr. V "Not your mother's therapist, or your brother's life coach." The political is personal!!! #writelikeascholar #therevolutionwillbewritten #BFQI

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