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Finding Me: A Short-Short Audiobook Review by Dr. V

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

The Pandemic Brain and Reading. Read below my "short-short" audiobook review of Viola Davis's memoir, "Finding me". I have to admit that during the pandemic, I have to re-train myself to focus my attention. In my quest, I am switching between audiobooks and traditional paperback books. In my intention to focus my attention, I am intentionally (whoa, that's a whole lot of intentions) reading or listening to at least 1-2 books a week. I am sharing some of my love for books and "micro-reviews" on Instagram.

The Purpose of Short-Short Reviews. The short-short reviews serve the purpose of (1) introducing very busy pandemic brains to books that I love, (2) holding myself accountable to the reading process, and (3) leaving breadcrumbs of the books that shape my thinking and authorial voice. Below, is my micro-review of my latest summer read. Grab the book!

You can get the audiobook version of "Finding me" by Viola Davis here.


Final Thoughts. I strongly recommend this book for readers who are interested in Black women's narratives and for people who want to understand more about trauma and processes of healing. Finally, this book is a resilience story that centers domestic violence, healing, and Black women's success stories. You can find all of my book recommendations at my Amazon shop.


Love the book? Leave a comment below!

In solidarity, Dr. V ~Not your mother's therapist, or your brother's life coach.

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