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Yes, I am giving out trade secrets! My exclusive coaching program is for those interested in holistic approaches to living their best life. I am a certified health and wellness coach with training as a business coach. In this exclusive coach program, attention is given to intellectual health, social and emotional health, spiritual awareness, nutritional and physical health, and financial health. I approach coaching from a cultural standpoint. My coaching program would be of interest to authors, academics, small business owners, and young professionals. Contact me directly for more information.  Looking for something more integrated? Inquire about my mindfulness meditation practice for healing racial trauma or visit for programs specific to women and girls of color across educational contexts.

Dr. V is a certified clinical trauma professional with training in EDMR, hypnotherapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Dr. V helps adolescents and adults heal from PTSD derived from race-based trauma inside or outside of schools, childhood family violence, relationship violence and/or sexual violence. Dr. V is proudly listed as a "highly qualified, culturally competent" service provider for Black girls and women on the Therapy for Black Girls directory and is a "verified" clinical professional on Psychology Today



Gender and culturally-affirming teaching

Therapeutic Relationships

​Dr. Evans-Winters is an educator and a healer. Her formal academic training, personal survival of childhood trauma, and her appreciation for the joys and pains of Black womanhood have prepared her for both roles. She believes that we can begin to solve education and social problems by building trust and relationships with those whom we have chosen to serve. She uses an interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary approach in her teaching, therapy and coaching practices to help others rethink how they live, love, and learn. 

Youth group training and consultation

Collective (Un)Consciousness

​Dr. Evans-Winters created Planet Venus to serve more individuals and groups!

Visit her at She is interested in how individuals, groups and organizations (e.g. education or social welfare) might come to understand how interpersonal, social, gender-based violence and/or racial trauma impede on academic, personal, or professional development. She knows that we must heal collectively to transcend trauma in all of its manifestations. 

Celebration of culture

Radiate Power

Dr. Evans-Winters asserts it's not enough to talk about trauma and resilience. Dr. V believes we need to talk about power. How do we use education, cultural awareness, and intention to bring forth the power of our youth, young women, and people of color--our society's most vulnerable social groups? In her keynotes and presentations, she responds to this question with research, stories, prose, and vignettes. As an author, professor, therapist, meditation teacher, and coach, Dr. V shares her secrets to personal and professional resilience.




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